Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wai-Kru Ram Muay by Kru Narender Kumar

(With regard to - Paying homage to the Masters of MuayThai)
   'Kru' is a Thai word, which means the person who teaches or passes on knowledge to pupils  Normally Krus are highly respected in Thai Society. They are knowledge able, full of perseverance. They practice high moral standards in their way of life, leading very respectable lives. They always devote themselves to performing their teaching commitment until their pupils attain full knowledge and are successful in their fields. Such a Kru is usually rewarded by his sense of achievement, respect from everyone and an increase in the number of students willing to submit to his guidance.
To show sincere appreciation and perseverance, dedication and generosity in conferring knowledge & providing experience for good opportunities, pupils in return will submit themselves obediently and respectfully to their own Teacher's instruction and advice, serve him diligently, and obey the rules and regulations laid down by him (or her), so that the Teacher can pass on the knowledge of that particular field to them closely, quickly, properly and wisely.
Wai Kru is a demonstration of the pupil's respect & gratitude to his teacher in submission to the teaching & training. Wai Kru is traditionally practiced by Thais of various professions & Arts,  dancers, sword fighters, musicians, as well as academic students, and of course Muay Thai Boxers (nak muay )are no exception. As we have previously stated, "Wai" means to pay respect by putting both hands together in front of the chest. The demonstration of Wai Kru does not only imply paying respect to the present Teacher, but also includes homage to all the teachers of the discipline.
The Correct way to 'Wai'                                                   
  One of Thailand’s special Customs is the 'Wai', it is used on a number of different occasions. Such as - a greeting when meeting people like other Muay Thai practitioners or students, people you train with or Thai people. It can also be used as a way to say farewell or good-bye to them. This is also done by saying - Sawadee Kup (with your palms joined & placed in a position lightly between the chest & both eye  touch by thumbs  , head bowed slightly).  
In Thailand (and other places where its people have moved to) it is a significant Social Custom which reinforces both the Social structure and religious dogma. It is a statement of a persons rank in the Social hierarchy. Who 'Wais' whom first & exactly how, are all part of the dictates of the way to Wai. For instance, generally speaking, a younger person Wais an older person first, a Social inferior Wais a superior first. A monk will never Wai a layman. It is very important, that all Kru MuayThai should remember to stress the importance of the Wai to their trainees during Muay Thai Classes. Any trainees who may seem to forget this Traditional Custom should be firmly reminded of it .